Thiruvona Aaraadhana

kottiyoor devaswom
Kottiyoor Devaswom

Work on Shrikovil or ‘Pantheradi nivedyam’ is completed before during thiruvona aaraadhana. Varients of bamboo along with wild palm leafs are used as materials.

Of the three types of worship or aaraadhana, the first one is Thiruvona aaraadhana. Rites include “Ponnin sheeveli”, a feast, poojas at dusk as aaraadhana pooja.

“Panchagaviya abhishekam” is performed during this pooja “Panchagaviya” is known as “Paalamrithu” here. Panthiradi Kaambram- the Brahmin sthanikan is designated to conduct aaraadhana pooja.

‘Mathavilasom Koothu’ “and ‘paadakam’ start off in the south nada. From Vishaakham day to Thrikketta, the part played is ‘Purappadu’. From Moolam to Uthraadam the part is “Nirvahana”. From Thiruvonam to Atham, it’s the Third part- Kapali.

From thiruvonam to Aayilyam, Anguli yagam and Koothu are performed. Mathavilasom Koothu is usually an offering. The koothu on Athom day is done as a “samarparam”, family of Mani Madhava Chaakyar have the right to the koothu. Paadakam by Nambiar Sthanikar is done on the second koothu.“Paani” is the main musical instrument. Such instruments are included in the aaraadhana only from Thiruvona aaraadhana

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