kottiyoor devaswom
Kottiyoor Devaswom

“Swayambhoo”, is covered by “Ashttabandham”, at the end of ‘yaga’ festival: Removal of “Ashtabandham” of the previous year is “Naallam Thurakkal.” Ashtabandham supposed to have medicinal values is distributed as prasadam.

Next, hollow bamboos are placed to drain away water from “Swayambhoo.” This rite is called “Paathiveckal.”Once this is completed, “Rashiville” followed by “Neyyattom” takes place. Butter brought in by Sthanikar by birth ie.

“Villippalan Kurup,” Thammangadan Nambiar” is first used for abhishekam. Later, butter from others are used in a specific hierarchy. The Sthanikars “Kurup” and Nambiar need to fill 16 bottles of butter each.

5 places have been designated for collection of butter, The Janmasthanikars observe ‘Vratham’ from Vishu onwards while collecting butter, which is brought in a precession for abhishekam. Agni and Ooda brought by Thedan is used for melting butter; Thrikkatari hands over the butter for abhishekam, in pots with covered openings. Panthiradi, Kaambram has right to the butter after abhishekam and surpervises this process. Ushakaambram Namboodiri performs the abhishekam.

Pure butter - “Neyyie” “Abhishekam” performed on swayambhoo on ‘Chothi’ day in the month of ‘Edavam’ is “Neyyattam”. During the day, the rites of handing over the “thatched settlements” are conducted.

The settlements are handed over by “Aashari” or carpenter sthanikars to “Baburalar”.Then in turn to “Samudaies” finally it’s distributed for staying among those who need to stay on during the Yagam festival.

No outsiders are allowed to witness this.Formerly there was a rite of bringing in the “Uralli” and ”Chattukam” from “Bhagavathi Kavu” Makkiyada during neyyattam. It’s since been discontinued

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  • kottiyoor devaswom

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  • kottiyoor devaswom


kottiyoor devaswom